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Who we are

Ethical: Lanka Hotels & Resorts (LHR) functions on basic core values that help us, as an organization to stay grounded and focused. We believe strongly that for a company to have any long-term sustainability – they must function ethically. In the business word, transparency and ethics are fast fading and we fight against this tendency.

Experienced: We’ve been a part of big companies; we’ve been a part of small ones. We have a network of people, ranging from the supplier of the tiniest products, to the top decision makers. Understanding how something’s works before you build one of your own is what we believe needs to happen.

Visionaries: We have seen the old, and we know it has a place even with the new. We understand that the combination of attention to details and wild imaginations can create magic. LHR blends the two, and creates a winning combination. We see the world with a fresh eye, a dynamic take, yet with the eye of people who really know what they are doing.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in empowerment through education. In this ever-competitive world, to really make a difference in someone’s life – one must give what has now become a coveted commodity – education. This refers not only to formal paper learning, but practical knowledge as well.

We have so much - it is our duty to give back to those who have not been so blessed.

Some of our CSR Projects have been:

  • Distribution of book for school children
  • Donation of a photocopier to local school in Yala
  • Distribution of shoes to school children in Yala
  • Donation of computers to a school in Yala
  • 30 day hotel training for school levers


Elephant Reach, located bordering the Ruhuna Yala National Park, invites travelers to enjoy the bountiful nature in its natural surrounding whilst experiencing authentic Sri Lankan hospitality combined with luxury.


When the stress of modern life gets to be too much for you, take a break and experience nature in its purest form, combined with the finest luxury stay.Wake up to the call of birds singing, the wind whistling.


Contemporary design, modern amenities and great service come together in the heart of coastal Negombo, setting the stage for an exclusive and memorable stay. Zand hotel is dedicated to ensuring you have a comfortable and safe stay.